religious wedding

Bali Wedding can arrange all the details of the religious wedding ceremony that you desire. Whether you are followers of any of the five faiths that are officially recognised throughout Indonesia, we will provide the appropriate Priest to officiate the ceremony. Christian couples will receive a marriage certificate issued by the church in Bali following the ceremony.

A religious wedding is also available for those who have been married through a civil ceremony in their country of origin. Alternatively, it is possible to conduct a religious wedding first in Bali and then proceed with a civil ceremony upon returning home.

A religious wedding ceremony is believed to have spiritual significance. However, in the eyes of the law this type of ceremony alone is not legally binding. A religious wedding is closely related to the regulations of each individual institution. For example, Christian-Catholic couples may need to complete certain documents required by the church in Bali before the Priest conducts the religious wedding. A Government Registrar will not be involved in a religious wedding. Instead a religious official of your designated religion will witness and attend your religious wedding. After the ceremony, the Religious Official will issue a Certificate of Marriage as evidence that wedding has taken place in Bali.

Christian-Protestant Wedding Ceremony
Christian-Protestant couples wishing to conduct a religious ceremony in Bali can choose a Christian wedding, which is led by a Pastor. A Protestant wedding is the simplest type of ceremony with fewer requirements, rules and regulations to adhere to. The couple is entitled a Certificate of Marriage issued by the Christian Church in Bali and after the religious they can go on with the Civil Registrant office to legalise the wedding. The civil wedding can also take place at the same venue. If you also conduct a civil wedding after religious wedding, you will receive an additional certificate from the Civil Minister in both in English and Indonesian. Both marriage certificates will be recognised by your country of origin.

Christian-Catholic Wedding Ceremony
A Christian-Catholic wedding package is meticulously arranged to accommodate Catholic couples from anywhere in the world. The Christian-Catholic wedding is led by a Catholic Priest also known as a Romo. A Catholic wedding is a much more official procedure as both the bride and groom should be single. The Catholic Church does not permit divorced persons to marry for a second time except if the previous spouse is not Catholic. A Christian-Catholic wedding will be considered legal by the Christian-Catholic religion only. The couple can conduct the civil wedding ceremony to legalise the wedding by Civil Minister from the Indonesian government on the same day immediately following the religious ceremony.

Islamic Wedding Ceremony
For Muslim couples, the Akad Nikah ceremony is considered the most essential element of the entire wedding process. The ceremony is conducted by a representative from the Office of Religious Affairs or Kantor Urusan Agama in Indonesia. It may take place anywhere, at a mosque or even in the grounds of a hotel and requires at least two witnesses. After the Akad Nikah has been performed, the couple is considered married in the eyes of Islam and a marriage certificate called ‘Buku Nikah’ is issued. This document can be translated by the couple’s representative consulate in Indonesia for legal consideration.

Buddhist Wedding Ceremony
It is very simple for a Buddhist couple to conduct a Buddhist wedding ceremony in Bali. This religious ceremony is performed by a Buddhist Celebrant also known as a Monk and can only take place in a Buddhist temple or Vihara. A Monk is not permitted to come to a hotel, resort, villa or wedding venue to perform and bless a Buddhist wedding in accordance to a set of guidelines determined by the Buddhist Society. However, couples will be takes to the closest Vihara and Bali Wedding will assist with all necessary details.

Balinese Blessing
A Balinese blessing ceremony is not only for followers of the Hindu faith but for anyone who wants their marriage to be blessed in the local tradition. It is the perfect experience for couples who are already legally married or those choosing to bless their union during their time on the island. It is important to remember that this is not a legal wedding ceremony and no legal certification will be issued afterwards. The ceremony is performed by a Balinese celebrant called Pemangku. He will pray for the prosperity and continuance of the union. The couples have the unique opportunity to wear Balinese costume during a blessing ceremony.

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